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"Reuse, remodel, recycle and refuse to bin" 3

Being in bad health for many years, and more so this past 14 months, with cancer, surgery and chemo, it gave me time to finally sort out my house, and decorate it. It has been put on hold for so many years. Now I am slowly sorting it all out ready for painting etc. I have always seen if anybody wanted what I no longer needed before putting in the bin. Some of the things I have given to people are, collection of mugs, box of various size jars with lids for making jam/chutneys etc. Working microwave, table and chairs, panes of glass from a broken cold frame, freezers, bed frames..... and so much more. I hate it when people throw stuff out when it is still useable and somebody could make use of it. Just need to win the lottery now so I can get all my house decorated haha
24 days ago on Southport Freegle #8029

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