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"Thank You Freegle for Helping Out the Key Workers at ASDA, Lancaster!" 2

Recently, I learned that the hard working key workers at ASDA, Lancaster were on the hunt for a book case and books for their staff room. The library being closed during lockdown and the ASDA staff doing all they have to keep the store shelves full and customers safe during these strange times, I wondered if I might be able to find a shelf and / or some books here on Freegle for them (I don't work at ASDA, I just wanted to help if I could). Instantly, two lovely Freeglers (Pam Davidson and Helen Homes) offered both a brilliant book case and, between them, a brilliant stock of books. In fact, there were so many books donated that the shelf is full and the surplus have been kept to rotate the books so the staff have a fantastic choice of titles. I wanted to share the story, and the ASDA team were eager for me to, because it’s testament to what a positive role Freegle plays and the genuine good Freeglers provide within communities. It's especially lovely during the present difficulties to see how kind, generous and community spirited we all can and are eager to be. The ASDA staff are so grateful, and so am I; to be part of efforts to try and unite and help each other through this period and all the difficulty we’ve all faced, and continue to, and hopefully lift some spirits and spread some smiles along the way, it feels doubly important right now. So, from the team at ASDA and myself: a huge thank you to Pam, Helene and to Freegle!
7 days ago on Lancaster Morecambe Freegle #7850

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