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"My new wheelchair" 4

I am disabled and use an electric wheelchair. Back last year my old chair Bertha was having issues and as I had bought her second hand with no idea how old she was thought she may be past her time. Here on Freegle I found a almost brand new ex showroom model chair in perfect condition. Susan just needed her control set moed from the back in the carer mode to the arm so I could use myself.Something I was able to easily fix. I got an almost brand new electric wheelchair for the cost of some fuel to collect it. I have given a lot over the years on Freegle as have been an avid second hand Rose since childhood but this is first time I have received. Thank you Freegle you gave me back my wheels and was able to get Bertha fixed so she is working too
21 days ago on Exeter Freegle #7762

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