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"Hedges galore" 4

I’ve been keen on re cycling for ages. When my grown up children were small they were amazed when other Mother’s screwed up wrapping paper and binned it.....mine was always re used. So when this site came along I was really pleased. One of my latest and best free cycle receives was a practically new hedge cutter. Last year towards the end of the season mine packed in. I didn’t want to buy late in the season because 6months of the guarantee would have been lost. I put in a request on here and was offered one. When I got to the lady (Thorpe) she had used her new one once, cut through the cable and although her Dad had repaired it she was frightened to use it.What a fantastic offer. It’s been used lots of times this year as I have probably over 150’ of hedges altogether. So thanks to one and all.
9 days ago on Norwich Freegle #7697

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