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"One good turn (out) " 14

In 2007, after major health problems caused me to quit my dream job, I decided I would try to fulfil my long held dream of gaining a degree. I was 53, not well and stoney broke but determined not to let little things like that stop me. My body might be falling apart but my brain still functioned: luckily I found the degree I wanted to do virtually on my doorstep so serious planning began. I realised fairly quickly I couldn't afford to stay in the house I'd lived in for a good few years and a chance encounter led me to a residential caravan on a beautiful working farm, just 4 miles from my home. Obviously, I couldn't take a house full of furniture and stuff from 2 bed bungalow to a caravan, so I decided to just keep the things I absolutely had to keep : books, music, personal things, and I gave away virtually everything else I owned on Freecycle! 4 years later my health dictated that I needed to move back into a house. I posted 'wanteds' on to Freegle, as it had become, and within one month I had everything I needed to enjoy a comfortable, safe warm home which I continue to enjoy to this day. I've always believed in Karma: this proved to me that 'what goes around comes around' and I continue to give and recieve, (but I can't really say which one is better ;). PS, I got a 2.1 degree!
15 days ago on Penrith and Eden District Freegle #1258

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