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"Perfect when moving out!" 2

We are currently packing up our current house in preparation for moving. During this process we have found lots of bits and pieces that are still in great useable condition but we no longer have a need for. Normally we would take these to a charity shop but given the current lockdown we were a bit stuck at what to do with these items. A friend suggested using this website and so I rather sceptically offered up my first few items. I was amazed at the response and this spurred me to keep on posting. It has been great knowing that my no longer wanted items have been rehomed p, and love the simplicity of the site.
6 days ago on Maidstone Freegle #8853

"Getting familiar" 2

Apart from the obvious financial and environmental incentives of regular Freegling, one of the side benefits for me is that I have got to know the town I live in so much better through my Freegling activities. I cycle to collect items when I can (weather and size of objects to be carried permitting), so I have got to know lots of cycleways and shortcuts across town that until recently were quite unknown to me, as well as visiting parts of it which I had previously had no particular reason to explore. The upshot is that Freegling, plus getting out on my bike much more than usual into the countryside during the lockdown summer, has greatly increased my familiarity with the geography and layout of the districts, notable landmarks and routes in my local area. The six months or so that I have had a Freegle account has also now been long enough that I can think of at least three people whom I have both given stuff to and collected stuff from. That experience of mutuality has helped to give me the feeling of belonging to a community both in the geographical sense and in the sense of a community of people who share certain values and common purposes. In this way, it seems to me that Freegle must be promoting localism and strengthening local bonds, as I can't imagine I am alone in having this kind of experience.
6 days ago on Oxford Freegle #8850

"Great news" 3

Hi there I was so glad that I was able to help young lad furnish his place and give him the wall deco I had too my experience was so over whelping I had a great yikes knowing I was helping some one who had just got a flat of his own after many years being home less I gave away vlothes to a lady and daughter I gave away craft items dolls teddies toys I now have many more toys etc to get rid of all new so if any one needs them they r here
6 days ago on Manchester GreenCycle #8811

"Canes and naughty dogs" 3

The canes were raspberry canes that I saw advertised on Freegle from a neighbour nearby and then a wanted item of a stair gate to keep a naughty dog downstairs from the same neighbour. She had the canes and I had the gate. Win win. Two happy people and nothing wasted.
6 days ago on Ribble Valley Freegle #8820

"Waste not want not" 4

I always believe if something is usable why would you throw it away when someone else could put it to good use things don't always have to be new as long as they serve a purpose then that's a good thing
6 days ago on Cowal Peninsula Freegle #8823

"Love the brum community!" 3

When I first moved into my flat I had absolutely nothing and no money and freegle helped me by allowing me to find some of the kindest and most wonderful people who have helped me out in ways I could never have imagine. My flat now feels more like a home for my daughter and I. Thank you freeglers!
6 days ago on Birmingham Freegle #8826

"Just love Freegle, saving, saving, saving, the whole community benefits... it's win, win, win!" 1

Met some really lovely folk & visited places in Suffolk/North Essex that I have never before been to in nearly 50 years of living here. Such generosity being shown by ‘givers’ is quite overwhelming. The good work that is being done saving waste & landfill in such a positive way is really marvellous. The ‘downside? The present situation is limiting the work of many groups & making the extra care needed to avoid direct contact an absolute essential, — that in turn stops some of the happy interaction & ’banter’ between us when our paths cross. “This too will pass”… How can we help? In the meantime please do all you can make that little extra effort to drop our ‘angels’ a note after collection to express your gratitude to them. JB ‘Mac’ &: — ps, Photo is a Large 'shed' recently given to us by a lovely 'free cycler in North East Suffolk.. It soon became our regular 'exercise' dis-assembling & moving it home as it was BIGGGGG!, 'purpose built & heavy with panels a bit too wide to easily take on a trailer. (We had to 'halve' it first. pps.. That great 'proper' chicken coop was still available a couple of weeks ago if anybody wants one... It will need taking apart, I'm more than willing to help you with that’
6 days ago on Felixstowe and Woodbridge Freegle #8829

"Reuse-recycle" 3

I have picked up and given items to people who needs them, its just so important to help each other, theres so much going to landfill what could just help someone who cant afford it, I love giving things away, I'm going to start growing more plants to give away so people can enjoy them inside... this us so important to give and receive, make peoples day and do it... happiness to all
6 days ago on Norwich Freegle #8832

"Throw away less" 1

If someone needs to furnish a home or to declutter, what better way. And it’s good to be able to find items we might need without having to spend money..
6 days ago on Waltham Forest Freegle #8835

"Share the love ♥️" 1

I have given a wide variety things but mainly I have asked for things for the homeless in and around Eastbourne. The wonderful gifts of clothes and shoes have amazed me. The quality has been amazing but knowing how people desperate for clothes will feel on receiving them warms my heart! I am part of a group who make things for Surviving the Streets, sometimes buying things and recently giving hampers of snacks to eat on the go to EDGH Covid NHS staff and Ambulance crews; now animal charities too!
6 days ago on Eastbourne Freegle #8838

"Declutter and at the same time help" 6

I can't bear having tons of clutter in the house and really try to resist packing things away indefinitely on the basis I might one day need them – I've found that day never comes. But I also appreciate, one person's clutter might be something really useful or desirable for another person, so it's good to share things you no longer need! It also helps reduce waste in the world, so everyone's a winner :)
13 days ago on Chiltern District Freegle #8590

"Your trash, my treasure!" 8

Many years ago I was homeless and got given a flat. All my furniture and white goods came from other people. There is always someone that will be able to use stuff even if it's broken. I was extremely grateful to receive all those things then. And now that I am in a position where I can help, I do it with pleasure.
13 days ago on Croydon Freegle #8650

"TV Set" 8

I have forgotten my password on my old account , which is nothing new, but just wanted to say thank you to those who gifted me a TV set absolutely brilliant and I don't have the words ❤️
13 days ago on Rugby Freegle #8665

"A house made a home by Freeglers" 7

I've furnished a rented house over ten year, making the house a home for my family. The kindness of Freeglers has meant gifts from wall paper and paint, to door handles and a bath panel, carpet and rugs, to sofas and tables, cupboards to lamp shades, clothes, shoes and much more besides. I'm happy to rehome loved items needing a new home. I give back when I can. On the occasion an item wasn't really worthy of gifting, I take it anyway because it's owner clearly needs it gone and it's a fair trade for the house full of items we now cherish.
13 days ago on Burgess Hill Freegle #8668

"Stops stuff being wasted" 7

Over time I have given away lots of wool,clothes and cross stitch things plus other stuff. I have met lots of different people some of whome come back for things more than once. It’s so nice to see people using stuff that most people would just throw in the bin .
13 days ago on Gloucester Freegle #8671

"I hate to throw things out unnecessarily " 6

Hi, I love freegling because I hate to throw away things which can be useful to someone. Saves money, saves the environment!
13 days ago on Slough Freegle #8677

"Freegle not landfill" 8

I first found freegle when my dad died in 2016, I had to clear the house in Sale and it was full of old stuff from the 60's and 70's, charity shops were not interested, apart from BHF who took away about 11 boxes of books. I had all sorts of stuff and basically posted an open house for people to come and take what they needed, I posted pics of the bigger furniture, and met loads of lovely people and gave away loads of stuff to people setting up new homes and starting new businesses. I got a really positive feeling from doing that. Since then I have posted stuff in the Southampton freegle with limited success. , They are def not as active down south. Sadly my mum passed away before Christmas and I am in a similar situation with her house,it is full of stuff, but now we are in the middle of a lockdown, all the charity shops are shut so this is really my only option, I don't want to put this stuff in a skip, so back on Freegle, though I am missing the interaction with people to find out their stories
13 days ago on Trafford Freegle #8707

"Enviromentally friendly and benefits other people" 6

It makes me happy knowing people benefit from items which I have not used for a long time (were just 'sitting at home/stored in the cupboards') and I feel it is better than recycling. This is especially true during the pandemic when charity shops are not able to open
13 days ago on Brent Freegle #8732

"Recycling " 8

I love the idea of Reycle also the thought of giving to others that may want or need something that I no longer need yet nothing wrong with it . Love the idea that there are people willing to come together to help each-other thank you
13 days ago on Hounslow Recycle #8742

"Freegle the best way to recycle " 8

It's always a lot easier and convenient to give stuff away through freegle. I have a fantastic personal experience. I moved into a new house needing so much to fill it, from decorations to fittings and more. Now, through freegle, I've been able to get almost everything I need for my garden. Most importantly and strangely, all the givers and receivers I've been in touch with, treats people with kind and respect.
13 days ago on Camberley and Surrey Heath Freegle #8607


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