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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

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"59 year old hoarder"

Trying to declutter my house
4 hours ago on Salford Freegle #9251

"A bit about me."

I found Freegle by accident a few years back, I had some items that I felt were too good to throw away, so got them a new home. I’ve also had various items gifted including a bookshelf which I absolutely love as it’s meant I’ve “organised” my books better. I still have loads to read though!
5 hours ago on Medway Freegle (Chatham, Gillingham, Strood and Walderslade) #9254

"I hate landfill SO much!" 1

I freegle as I am allergic to the thought of landfilling something that's still useful! It also helps me not to hang on to things so much. Over time, I've freegled bits of coving, children's shoes, furniture, etc and, in turn, I've picked up plant pots, knitting wool and a yoghurt maker! It's great fun and this is the place to come if you need something NOW and can't afford to buy. It may not be totally to your taste, but you'll have the use of it while you're saving and can replace later. I think that's perfect.
6 hours ago on Croydon Freegle #9224

"What do you need? " 1

It might well be worth having a look on Freegle or give away what you don't need. Works a treat here at Appleby Edibles. Amazing!
6 hours ago on Penrith and Eden District Freegle #9227

"Avoided landfill to Good Home" 1

My elderly neighbour added a single bed with flip up storage and mattress to a collection of things from neighbours deemed 'too big for the bin' collection by council. On inspecting the bed, it didnt have mark on it and I advertised it on freegle, within 2 hours there were 7 enquiries, it went to a wonderful disabled lady who organised transport and a time for collection. All went smoothly. The recipient sent a wonderful message to the elderly donater saying how thrilled she was to have the bed. Thank you so much Freegle. Wonderful service. Will use you again.
6 hours ago on Kensington and Chelsea Freegle #9230

"Someone's trash is someone's treasure" 1

I love unique things especially I'd its something you don't see. I am also creative so love to dind new items I can use my imagination some of my work I have done are used from Gin gift boxes and old buttons and embellishments, inserts of old greetings cards as well all given to me. So it really is treasure to me. My mind goes off like fireworks. ✨
6 hours ago on Burnley and Pendle Freegle #9233

"I’m a Magpie for junk with potential" 2

I try wherever possible to keep things out of landfill, i avidly believe that we should all get back in touch with our inner artisan and see the beauty that the resources we have on our doorstep are far more valuable than mass made earth destroying consumerism.
6 hours ago on Leeds Freegle #9239

"Hi Freeglers" 1

I live in Henley on thames but i am going to move in a few months, so i have a few things that i thought might be of use to someone else
6 hours ago on Henley on Thames Freegle #9242

"Too good to throw away" 2

I've given spare hearing aid batteries, acrylic paints, and I have more to put on freegle. I've taken some kids toys such as garden slide for my grandchildren. By freegle-ing we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint
6 hours ago on Kenilworth Freegle #9245


Many thanks to Lesley from Withington who gave me her handblender. I broke the blade on the one I had and missed it a lot. I can't wait to get back to making some tasty soups, dips and home-made hummus. Thanks again Lesley!!!
6 hours ago on Stockport Freegle #9248

"Always a surprise"

I love the idea of people making use of my unwanted things but the good fun is also getting something back if lucky enough. There are some amazing things given away and I have had great pleasure collecting from kind friendly people. Long may it last
7 days ago on West Kingsdown & Swanley Freegle #9218

"Brilliant idea!" 3

I freegle as I cannot throw anything away if useful! As an ex-hoarder it makes it so easy to let go of something knowing it will be used again. I have put on about 9 items so far, from old pots of paint to builders sacks. They have all gone to someone who will get some more use out of them. Brilliant idea.
7 days ago on Newbury Freegle #9191

"Why Freegle " 2

I look and see that the world nowerdays seems to have a throw away culture. I was brought up to repurpose, gift and handdown items which i no longer require. There are people who need items which they cannot afford, freegling offers them an outlet where they may well find what they need because someone else doesnt need it anymore, therefore i freegle what i dont want or need anymore - but never something that someone cannot use anymore. Freegle not only aids people but it also helps our planet - we as a society need to do more for our planet and by not throwing into a landfill it helps us to protect the planet we live in - its a win-win situation for all.
7 days ago on Lichfield Freeworld Recycling #9194

"Reduce waste "

Hi I love the idea of freegle. I have had a given items I no longer need. I give to charity as well. I aim for zero landfill.
7 days ago on Solihull Freegle #9200

"Love freegle"

I love freegle have met so many nice people so friendly lived in Oswestry now for nearly three years from living in London all my life. Absolutely love it here. I have been able to upgrade my home with some beautiful items. Thankyou everyone for being so kind ❤️
7 days ago on Wrexham Freegle #9203

"Love freegle" 1

I have not long joined freegle, love the idea of passing things on, an old saying I remember hearing was 'someones junk is another person's treasure'
7 days ago on Woodley Freegle #9206

"I hate to see good usable stuff just dumped."

I've always been trying to salvage goods. When I was a teenager I used to go the the tipping sites and recover stuff. I even learnt electronics so I could fix TV's and radios I found. Most of the time they just needed a fuse that would back then cost a few pennies. I love the new drive and volume of people trying to reduce the waste we produce, the restarters, recyclers, self producers, crafters, up-cyclers, the more the better for us all and nature. But right now its more poignant because after being homeless for a long while I've just got a home again, and being able to collect the things I need just makes the hassle of restarting my life just a bit easier.
7 days ago on Royal Borough of Greenwich Freegle #9209

"I hate to see useful stuff thrown away."

Freegle helps you get rid of items you can no longer use and helps somebody else gain a useful item. I had a good fridge freezer which did not work with a completely revamped kitchen. Everybody benefits.
7 days ago on Penrith and Eden District Freegle #9212

"Love to see things I don't need getting a new home ❤️"

I hate to see waste. Freegle has helped find these things another home rather than sitting unused in a cupboard, or worse still, a bin. Every item not having to be bought because someone has it going spare is a victory in my opinion.
7 days ago on Glasgow Freeshare #9215

"Great Website"

The person who set this up needs commendation! It is so nice to help out anyway and specially with this COVID around all charity shops are closed so this is a nice platform to clear your clutter and at the same time helping others and gaining blessings at the same time. As another Freegler stated "One man's trash can be another man's treasure"! Keep it up !!!!
14 days ago on Islington East Freegle #9188


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