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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

"Give something away and you get full retail price in thanks!"

We have rehomed so many things - carpets when we enlarged our house, window blinds, curtain tracks, radios, a microwave... and so it goes on. As our older generation died, we ended up with things we didn't need and it is sheer joy to rehome them.
2 days ago on Swindon Freegle #9683

"Fantastic cause" 2

I freegle because it can get goods a new home instead of ending up in the recycling centre or landfill site. Also, some people don't have enough money (especially in the current situation) to purchase things. In my eye, it's a great cause. A big well done to freegle and the volunteers to make it happen,
3 days ago on Fife Freegle #9680

"REcycled Pool Balls" 2

I like creating art from unwanted items, the photo shows a recent unwanted set of pool balls which I made into this wall hanging, which is also made from scrap items of board, Dowell, and felt I think it would look good in a club or bar what do you think?
4 days ago on Milton Keynes Freegle #9390

"Wonderful organisation" 3

I've just moved out of my parents house and into a new area to move in with my partner, we have really appreciated freegle for helping furnish our new place with all the little things I hadn't considered a house needed until we were here! It's been a lifesaver for us, and I cannot wait to start giving things back in the future. Love the community, love the ethic, love it!
5 days ago on Oxford Freegle #9674

"Why buy when you can freegle!" 1

I hate to see waste and know many cannot afford to buy new every time, myself included. So many throw away new or nearly new when people are living in poverty and going without. If you dont want it someone will.. do your best to recycle and help save our planet from waste.
5 days ago on Gosport Freegle #9665

"Environmentally conscious " 1

Having travelled the world and seen how dramatic plastic pollution can be, I want to be part of a society that will Upcycle, reuse and share resources.
6 days ago on Cannock Freegle #9659

"Recycle ♻️ " 2

I've mostly given things away as had two parents houses to clear and didn't want to disrespect by taking their stuff to the tip. Not something all family members agree with. One person's junk is another's treasure. I even rescue things abandoned or in skip with permission to pass on. Some people can't grasp how easy it is. Met lovely people too. Was given a book this week by someone who had received off me. So nice they even delivered it voluntarily. Thank you..
7 days ago on Preston Freegle #9656

"Downsizing possessions" 5

I have good quality items in cupboards and drawers that I am not using - they clutter up my mind! It makes sense that other people get the chance to enjoy them. I see this as benefiting both parties, it's good for the environment as well as a good philosophy.
10 days ago on Reading Freegle #9653

"Say no to landfill" 5

I hate the thought of our ever increasing landfills especially when perfectly usable items can be recycled. There's also secondary benefit in reducing, however slightly, the demand for new items and their accompanying environmental impact. Sites like Freegle make it super easy for me to recycle no longer wanted items and to attain items which I need. Everyone I have encountered so far has been pleasant to deal with I suppose because we're all like minded. So why not join in and help out our planet.
10 days ago on Basingstoke Freegle #9647

"Freegling is a great way to give back to the community" 4

I’ve been a freecycler for many years mainly because I hate the idea of items going to landfill that could benefit someone else. I think it’s a great concept and have referred lots of people to it. Over the years I’ve received and given through the scheme. It gives me pleasure to help someone else out and I’ve met some lovely people through the scheme. There was a spell when I backed off because there were people who were time wasters or very demanding ( some people forget that we are GIVING things away! ) but I’m pleased that the majority of people are genuine and polite!
11 days ago on Wimborne Freegle #9641

"I love the people you meet!" 2

I would never throw away something that could be used and loved by someone else and I’m so glad I’ve found freegle. I’ve managed to give away everything I’ve put up and in turn met some wonderful people! It’s also worth noting I feel totally safe using the platform as a female living alone and inviting people to my home. Keep on freegling!
13 days ago on Tower Hamlets Recycle #9632

"Give and take things that can be reused. No waste and more kind people. " 3

We moved 2 months ago. Freegle is perfect for people who might not have the cash in a certain time but needs a few things around the house and want to recycle. I was able to give things that we did not use in the new home and get a few that I really needed for me or my kids. This is an amazing platform and everytime I have the chance I let people know about it.
15 days ago on Hatfield Freegle #9629

"Advertising Freegle to Goodwill Pages and People on Facebook." 3

I Freegle because I haven't much and don't really need much but if I see someone giving away something which I could use then I ask for it. I was on Facebook about a month ago and i came across a Goodwill page. Whilst looking through it i thought how familiar it was to Freegle. So being cheeky, (ha ha), when i saw that someone was asking for an item, i just kinda left a message asking them if they had tried Freegle or (if i had), i would tell them that i had seen what they wanted going on Freegle in their Area. I had loads of thank you's and wow that's great. I even had a couple of people say they had never heard of Freegle. I soon put them on the right track. I feel really good whenever people genuinely say thank you and even better when they say they were now sorted. I shall continue doing this everytime I see a goodwill page.
17 days ago on Telford Freegle #9626

"Hate waste" 4

I have a philosophy that the less waste the longer our planet will last I have 6 grandchildren I would love to know things were turned around enough for theirs and future generations will benefit if I can instill in my 4 children and my grandkids my philosophy we might have a chance oi repurpose most items I get and children and grandchildren benefit I have a grandson and grandaughter who like to come into my "workshop" (spare bedroom) and watch what I do i even let them get hands on with painting or glittering things for me i have had lamps, wine glasses, dvd player, bedside tables I made into vw camper to put my old stereo on and made bottles into lamps for their houses, etched drinking bottles and lots of other items all which were going to landfill the little unit for stereo was just about to be hammered into oblivion as I happened the owner with hammer in hand
18 days ago on #9620

"The world needs saving" 4

I absolutely hate waste of any form. The world is so polluted materially. Businesses will not help save the world for future generations so it is up to us, the public to make the difference. Therefore giving what l no longer need or requesting something l need is my contribution to saving the planet for out future generations. It is so refreshing to know that we have a like minded growing community. Keep up the good work.
18 days ago on Potteries Freegle #9617

"As the old joke has it, "a friend in need's a ruddy nuisance!!"" 5

One of our neighbours were moving and the date was suddenly advanced. No time for tactical withdrawal, so quite a lot of stuff simply had to be shifted in two days before the new owners would be arriving. Richard gloomily admitted they were just about to hire a skip (a SKIP!!) to dump everything. As that sort of attitude goes against everything Freegle stands for, we carried/dragged/pulled/rolled his unloved possessions across the road and into my garage. Just over a week later, pretty much everything has gone (anyone want a large, bright pink flip-top pedal bin??) so grateful thanks to the wonderful elves who ceaselessly toil to keep the site up and running. Very well done!
19 days ago on Banbury Freegle #9614

"Improvements that don't literally cost the earth " 4

I've been on a few sites and was told about this 1 hy someone while out walking my dog - I work hard ha e a disabled parent 1 kid and some dogs so as ypu can Imagine money is pretty stretched. I would rather gift stuff i dont need that just bin it and likewise I'd rather be gifted something I need than see it chucked out . So here I am , please if you're able to drop stuff or have a van and can help others to move items cheaply plz offer to do so as thats the 1 thing a lot seem to struggle with here x
19 days ago on Edinburgh Freegle #9608

"Looking for extra furniture needed to accommodate foster children." 3

I received this beautiful sofa from a lovely gentleman who had it in his garage. It used to be his mums and he had no use for it. He listed it on here and I am so pleased it is exactly what I was looking for. I love to have second hand stuff that is totally useable and often better quality than I could afford new.
22 days ago on Redhill Freegle (incl Reigate and Merstham) #9602

"Great to help someone" 2

Have given away lots over the years. Most recently a microwave and some decking. Used freegle previously in Wiltshire too.
23 days ago on Bolton Freegle #9594

"Reuse Recycle Repair" 3

We gave away a dishwasher as our first Freegle item while we were putting in a new kitchen. It felt great to be helping a family in need of one and was better than the alternatives. I really want to continue with this community and am trying some things out to see where it will lead. I think we all buy too much stuff in general so if we can pass it around it makes sense
24 days ago on Bromley Freegle #9591


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