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"Save the Planet" 6

I love to fix things and believe nothing should be thrown away unless it is absolutely 'beyond hope!' One person's junk someone else's treasure! I have restored chairs, fixed my pond water fall/pump, upgraded my Dyson ...and much more! All thanks to Freegle! Long may you prosper!
3 days ago on Wimborne Freegle #7948

"Fulfilling my dream of recycle, reuse, reduce!" 5

I find it hard to accept that people would not share something they dont need anymore and maybe others can gain from using. It has been an obsession, as some friends would say, to not throw usable things away, even raiding skips at the tip or catching people about to throw something into a skip! My friends used to give me a hard time as when we might be going out all dressed up and I would see a skip on road side and go check it out for reusable goodies and often there was, so it would have to be squashed into the car for further handing on or personal use! I think Freegle should be advertised everywhere, incl at the tip and on the Green Party's newsletters and local councils website. The most profitable time is to be at the skip when the students who have finished their courses go to the tip to dump perfectly good household items because they are leaving town. I collect for refugees who are only allowed to have 1 bag each when they arrive, so the need for basic items such as clothing and shoes are a premium incl things for the children. One time I heard about a child who had arrived at an asylum centre who was crawling on the floor as she was disabled and they had no wheelchair or pushchair given to them when sent thro from the Home Office. Did you know that many NHS support equipment - wheelchairs, walkers etc - are dumped/sent to the knackers yard rather than be recycled to those who may need them. I have sent wheelchairs to various countries in Africa with colleagues who going to work there. why can the NHS not set up a donation system for poor countries and get them shipped to those who need them?? Many disabled people in poor countries are unable to afford wheelchairs or other support equipment and this is our taxes who have originally paid for this equipment! Why can we not have an international donation/recycling system for such equipment thro the govt development agencies?? If we are serious about reducing our waste then we need to be more innovative and forward thinking, but we also need politicians at all levels to make such a commitment. Happy Freegling and get your friends and family into it too, it is very rewarding. The Mad Kiwi - as some would say! Kia Ora
3 days ago on Wirral Freegle #8048

"Community allotment " 5

Have being able to get an old abandon allotment. The community is do a Nature and Mental wellbeing project . NHS and Mind do Ecopathy and the benefits of green open spaces on people we being. We want to make the project accessible to all and not have to worry about or anything just come and make need friends and meet new people. Covid has play a big part in people's mental wellbeing from lockdown isolation and the loneliness . So when people answer are call of items they really dont know how much of a difference they are making
3 days ago on Coseley, Sedgley & Gornal Freegle #8051

"Love freegle " 9

Hi, I'm a plumber who had a heart Attack and no longer fit to work and suffer from depression etc so I'm looking to open a men's shed community based non profit as it can be a chance to make, share skills and maybe talk but not ๐Ÿ’ฏ needed and a wee cuppa ๐Ÿ‘
3 days ago on Edinburgh Freegle #8060

"Great place to benefit from kindness!" 2

A friend referred me here. I'm getting gifts for family, neighbors and even my foundation in Africa. Many thanks.
3 days ago on Wokingham Freegle #8063

"Of REAL USE to somebody and saving the spending of unnecessary cash!" 3

Can't remember how I came across this site but any surplus stuff we had at home took the following paths --> Car Book --> Charity --> Skip. But, this site add another dimension. Very useful both ways.
3 days ago on Lambeth Freegle #8069

"Older guy " 3

To anyone thinking of joining don't think just go for it. I have given lots of things and taken some things. What I do know I meet people as strangers and we leave being friends. Even though we don't live close to each other. We stay friends over the years. Happy viewing joe
3 days ago on Leigh Freegle #8072

"Have freegled for years ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚" 5

Hate useable stuff going to landfill when so many people could make use of it. It's a community spirited thing to do. Over the years I have given furniture, wood for a burner, scart leads, a mural for the bedroom, all sorts. In return I have had 2 nice chests of drawers, and an old chest of drawers for the garage as well as a DVD player & a water butt.
3 days ago on Lancaster Morecambe Freegle #8135

"Hate throwing things out" 1

Freecycled for years. Much prefer to see items have a second or third or fourth... use. And avoid landfill win-win. Plus nice to bring a bit of joy into the world.
3 days ago on Gateshead Freegle #8144

"Hate throwing things out" 3

Freecycled for years. Much prefer to see items have a second or third or fourth... use. And avoid landfill win-win. Plus nice to bring a bit of joy into the world.
3 days ago on Newcastle upon Tyne Freegle #8147

"Not in Landfill" 4

Better that someone else can use an item than it clogging up the loft, garage or landfill. I mean, if you haven't used it in the last 3 years, are you ever going to need it or use it?
3 days ago on East Staffordshire Freegle #8153

"Mending and sharing is fun!" 3

I like to repair things and I have picked up a tool box and wood offcuts a mountain bike that I repaired and then gave to someone. It's a good thing to do.
3 days ago on Norwich Freegle #8156

"Womble moving to a smaller place!" 12

I have been called a Womble because I hate to throw things away. I much prefer to give things a second (or third... or fourth) life and so joined Freegle. I was also struggling financially for a while as depression makes it hard for me to work more than part-time, so being able to pick up free items has been really helpful. I have wellies that fit my size 4.5 feet, a coffee table, TV stand and more bits I can't remember, gratefully received from others. I've given away a bicycle, tomato and pepper plants, coat hangers, and so much more. Currently I'm giving away a stack of furniture because we're downsizing and I had lodgers!
15 days ago on Barking and Dagenham Freegle #7905

"I've really enjoyed posting an offer and seeing a 'chat' pop up!" 10

I just started freegling a few weeks ago when we moved house. I posted our cardboard packing boxes and a big load of used paint samples (who would have known there were SO MANY shades of white to choose from :-O ). People had responded within minutes. I was thrilled that freegle has made it so easy to share stuff with other people around my area and stop it being dumped. What a waste it would be without freegle!!
15 days ago on Waltham Forest Freegle #7911

"Made friends along the way" 5

I have an overcrowded house with little storage so things don't get stored away just placed on freegle or go to charity. I am so happy when someone wants something we are giving away Asni know it will get further use. With 2 growing boys with additional needs and having lost my job at the start of covid I have been happy to give and lucky enough to receive some much needed items. Most grateful to those that have become good friends along the way. So much in common. So thank you freegle for helping me and my family as well as the environment too.
15 days ago on Poole Freegle #7914

"Freegle is the best!" 7

I love Freegle. It is really well organised by the volunteers that run it and the website is so simple to use. So far I have given away a large slab of marble, clay pots for the garden, 2 vintage wooden kitchen chairs, a folding shovel, a patio table, a flat screen tv and a couple of others things that Iโ€™ve forgotten what they were! Freegle was recommended by a friend and it has been the best thing for passing on unwanted โ€˜stuffโ€™ The only pity is that more people donโ€™t know about it!
15 days ago on Windsor & Maidenhead Freegle #7951

"Fab way to recycle!" 9

I bought a second hand kitchen and used most of it to replace an old and tired one in a flat. Rather than chuck out the remaining bits and pieces I put them on Freegle so someone else can get the use out of them. I have given away cupboards, a fridge freezer, a carousel, a heater, curtains and a printer.
15 days ago on Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock Freegle #7957

"Check it out !" 9

This is not just a flat, it is my home. Most of it free and all with grateful thanks to family, friends and Freegle !
15 days ago on Paisley Freegle #7963

"Freegling wins 4 times over" 11

There are at least 4 'wins' when I freegle stuff 1. I get rid of that something that I've got no use for anymore and I get some space back. 2. I delay the evil day when that something goes into landfill. 3. Someone gets that something they need or want for free. 4. Resources haven't been dug up or chopped down to make that something and ship it half way round the world. Just plain good stewardship of 'stuff' and that whole cycle repeats when I find something on freegle. Everyone likes a bargain and what's cheaper than free? What's not to like?
15 days ago on Bedford Freegle #8004

"Freegle won during lockdown" 8

As a shielding person, during the lockdown, all the stuff that I was able to sort through that I didn't want or need anymore, I couldn't take anywhere. Not allowed to the Biggleswade tip. Charity shops closed. Still are. Freegle closed. Ebay difficult. Then Freegle opened again. Fantastic. All you lovely people came and emptied my "indoor warehouse". Room to move again. I was "green" before they invented it and could never bin anything useful. Now I am about to Freegle some things for my parents. I hope thst some of my neighbours have now joined. Thanks Freegle.
15 days ago on Stevenage Freegle #8005


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