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Wouldn't the world be better if more people freegled more often? You can help!

  • Tell people! It's easy to forget that lots of people still haven't heard of us.
  • Put up a poster.
  • Invite your friends by email.
  • Tell your story.

You wouldn't be freegling unless someone had told you about it - can you pay it forward?

Put up a poster

This is an A4 poster with tear-off strips - good for noticeboards in cafes, community venues, or at work.

You can help even more by letting us know where you put up posters. Once we know where it is, then we can encourage other freeglers to put one up there in future. Please do this!

You can see where people have put up posters here .

Invite your friends

You have no invitations left at the moment. You'll get more when one of the people you invited accepts, or after a while.

Business Cards

You can get little "business cards" to hand out to people or put on noticeboards. They're small, so it's easy to always have a few with you.

You can order these from firms like Instantprint - download our PDF and upload it to their site when ordering.

Tell your story

This helps encourage other people to try freegling.

Tell your story

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